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The founders of Sierra Quest Human Services Foundation (SQHSF) had a vision to become a permanent, stable, resource for minors and non minor dependents (NMD) involved in probation and the child welfare system located in the rural, safe, caring, county of Mariposa. The founders opened Sierra Quest Academy (at that time a male only residential group home) which houses minors/NMD ages 12- Nonminor Dependent in Mariposa County. Through the operation of the Academy we have created policy and procedures, needs and services plans, and developed techniques in working with probation and child welfare youth successfully. While working with probation and child welfare youth at the Academy there raised a community service need for local foster care and transitional living assistance for the minors/NMD graduating the Academy Program. Consistent with our vision and the service needs of our participants, we opened Sierra Quest Transitional Housing + Foster Care and Sierra Quest Foster Family Agency. This allowed minors and nonminor dependents familiar with the Sierra Quest Program and culture to stay locally with the supports that were so valuable to them while in residential care. Due to the specialized mental health needs of our participants the founder of Sierra Quest Human Services Foundation, Scott Seymour opened Quest Community Counseling Services (Quest). Quest provides comprehensive, Trauma-informed, culturally relevant and developmentally appropriate, coordinated mental health and educational services to the participants of the Sierra Quest programs. In December of 2018, Sierra Quest became the first solo 6-bed group home facility in California to successfully transition to a licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP). Our vision to provide comprehensive trauma-informed services for all youth have driven us to expand our current STRTP program into two facility's, one boys home and one girls home, Sierra Quest Girls and Boys Academy's.



Our comprehensive family of services, (STRTP, THP, FFA,ISFC and mental health program) complete our vision for meeting all the service needs that are presented by anyone placed into any of our programs. The family of services model allows or staff/counselors to work with families and provide after care services in a wide range of modalities.


Scott Seymour, MA
Jerry Lura


Executive Director

Dave Goger,

Clinical Director

Amy Harper,

Head of Services

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